Microprocessor-controlled button control / Switch-Box "KI-V6.1"

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  • KI_V6_1
5 year warranty For 4, 5 or 6 buttons or standard fittings Switches 6 outputs with up to 10 amps... mehr
Produktinformationen "Microprocessor-controlled button control / Switch-Box "KI-V6.1""

5 year warranty
For 4, 5 or 6 buttons or standard fittings
Switches 6 outputs with up to 10 amps per output
Inputs and outputs Microprocessor-monitored
15 diagnostic LEDs
Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
Very robust and small CNC-milled aluminium housing, anodized, only approx. 47.5mm x 53.7mm x 20mm (W x H x D)
Completely watertight and vibration-proof encapsulated

Power supply: 6,00 - 18,00 V

Power consumption: max. 40 mA (no current consumption with ignition switched off!)

Dimensions in mm (W x H x D) approx. 47,5mm x 53,7mm x 20mm

Operating temperature range: -30° - +95°C

Current carrying capacity per output: max. 10A

6 / ground switching

6 / positive switching

Due to the high demand at present delivery time 2-3 weeks!

The push-button control "KI-V6.1" from RACETRONICS for motorcycles and quads is the digital control centre for your vehicle. Unnecessary additional functions (no mobile phone, no Bluetooth, no studies in electrical engineering are required, simple installation and programming) have been deliberately dispensed with, ideal if the existing wiring harness is to be retained, but also well suited for the creation of a new wiring harness. All important switching functions are covered by the "KI-V6.1".

The "KI-V6.1" has a solid, from the full CNC-milled aluminum housing with 4 secure screwing points, who wants to install a plastic box for the most important functions on the vehicle in his expensive conversion?

The "KI-V6.1" monitors all outputs by microprocessor for short circuit, overvoltage and overheating; in the event of a fault, the corresponding output is switched off immediately and activated again immediately after the fault has been rectified.

The fault is signalled via 3 diagnostic LEDs, the function of input and output as well as the presence of the power supply is visualised via 13 status LEDs.

The "KI-V6.1" takes over the fuse function for all outputs, except for the main vehicle fuse no further fuse is required.

6 outputs can be switched and this either via 4 buttons, 5 buttons or 6 buttons or also via the existing standard fittings, a warning indicator function is integrated.

All switching functions are carried out via the latest generation of semiconductors, loss-free without wear!

No power consumption with ignition switched off!

The connection of push-button and load is made via special stainless terminal strips with clamping yoke technology which can also be used safely without wire end sleeves with stranded wire.


The clamping is self-locking and vibration-proof, ideal for mounting on the vehicle.
Clamping pushbutton up to 1.5mm² wire cross-section
Clamping loads up to 2.5mm² core cross-section
It is fastened with 4x M4 screws, recessed in the housing.
The connection to the battery is made via a 6mm² cable with connection lug, optionally in the lengths 20cm, 30cm or 50cm.


Indicator left / right
hazard warning lights
headlamp flasher
Low beam
main beam
Fuse function for all outputs, with 6 status LEDs & 3 diagnostic LEDs

Push-button inputs with 6 status LEDs, overvoltage & reverse polarity protected
The presence of the power supply is signalled by another LED
Internal automatic fuse for control electronics, automatic resetting

With 4 or 5 push-button program:
Monitoring of side stand and/or clutch switch contact prevents starting function


4, 5 or 6 buttons or standard fitting with
1x low beam
1x main beam (headlight flasher with button parallel to FL switch for standard fittings)
2x indicators
hazard warning lights (with standard fitting hazard warning lights via extra button, not included in delivery)
1x horn
1x Starter

With 4 or 5 push-button program:

Inquiry of side stand and/or clutch switch contact
prevents starting function



2x turn signals (left / right / warning signal)
1x low beam
1x high beam (+ flasher)
1x horn
1x control of starter relay

Program functions "KI-V6":

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