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MDTV-DZM with rev counter - polished aluminium

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5 year warranty 5x pilot lamps Tachometer with 20 LEDs for 1-6 cylinders / 20000 rpm. (dimmable)... more
Product information "MDTV-DZM with rev counter - polished aluminium"

5 year warranty
5x pilot lamps
Tachometer with 20 LEDs for 1-6 cylinders / 20000 rpm. (dimmable)
Adjustable reserve display (daily kilometre warning)
Easy-to-read and dimmable BCD LED display
High-quality black anodised aluminium CNC housing
Electronic wheel sensor (NO reed contacts!)
Easy installation, detailed instructions in German

Power supply: 8,00 - 18,00V
Power consumption: BLUE: max. 480 mA / RED: max. 590 mA
Display in Km/h or m/ph: 999
Day/total km counter: 999 km / 99999 km (Miles)
With tachometer max. 20,000 rpm / up to 6 cylinders
Dimensions in mm (W x H x D) 71mm x 41mm x 15mm (approx. 85g)
Operating temperature range: -30° - +75°C

Scope of delivery:

Speedometer with approx. 75 cm connection cable, electric wheel sensor with holder approx. 100 cm connection cable, 1x magnet, 2x approx. 100 cm connection cable power supply, 1x fuse with holder, cable tie, plug, installation instructions

The mini digital speedometer with tachometer for motorcycles and quads (of course also for cars.....) from RACETRONICS impresses by its optics as well as by its particularly small design and can be retrofitted very easily or installed instead of the original speedometer. Ideal for all customizers & streetfighters!

The ultra-bright LED indicator lights for indicators, idling, main beam, warning light and reserve indicator are highly visible even in direct sunlight, the service life of the LEDs is at least 10,000 hours.

For all LED's the connection for Plus & Minus is led out separately, thus the problem-free connection with all motorcycle models is to be managed simply.

State-of-the-art microelectronics guarantee reliable operation and guarantee maximum accuracy and reliability. The display tolerance for the speed is less than 1 km/h!

The completely waterproof encapsulated electronics are extensively protected against voltage peaks, overvoltage and short circuit.

The display is easy to read even in sunlight (dimmed on the photos!), can be dimmed for night driving by pressing a button and counts up or down without delay, the functions "Trip warning", trip meter and total trip meter can be conveniently set or called up via an external button (not included).

The electronic speedometer sensor works wear-free according to the Hall effect principle, the integrated LED facilitates the positioning of magnet/sensor considerably.


speed display (dimmable) in Km/h up to 999 Km/h (m/ph available, please ask via eMail)

Speed display via 20 LEDs for 1 - 6 cylinders up to 20000 rpm. (dimmable, start of red range continuously adjustable)

5 LED control lamps: 1x green - indicator left / 1x green - indicator right / 1x green - idling

1x blue - main beam / 1x red - warning light

Adjustable "trip-kilometre warning": A yellow LED lights up when an adjustable trip-kilometre value is exceeded (e.g. when the tank reserve is reached).

Daily and total kilometres are stored permanently (min. 10 years) even in the event of a power failure

(trip meter up to 999 km, total trip meter up to 99999 km)

Adjustable wheel circumference up to 2999 mm

Complete operation via external button (not included)

Fastening via 3x M4 thread on the rear side


The tachometer is connected either directly to the tachometer signal of the original tachometer (if it is electronically controlled), to the tach output of the ignition box or to the ignition coil class 1 (primary coil). A ground-switched breaker signal must be present. The tachometer is suitable for all transistor and breaker ignitions. Please ask in advance for capacitor ignition (used e.g. in vintage cars, mopeds and some 1-cylinders).

Available in red or blue for the speed indicator, as well as black anodised, matt brushed aluminium or polished aluminium for the housing.

The speed LEDs are available on request in different colours & combinations (white, red, blue, yellow, red; is manufactured to order, delivery time up to 15 working days).

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