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2 push-button with fittings "Silver-Line-Edition"

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Handlebar diameter::

handlebar side:


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The "Silver Line Edition from RACETRONICS: Black anodised with aluminium-silver design elements... more
Product information "2 push-button with fittings "Silver-Line-Edition""

The "Silver Line Edition from RACETRONICS:
Black anodised with aluminium-silver design elements

5 year warranty -
Suitable for all push-button controls on the market -
15 mm x 42 mm (for 25.4mm handlebars 15 x 45mm) - -
For 22mm or 25.4mm handlebars -
high-strength 7075 aluminium (also known as DURAL or Billet-Alu) -
stainless steel button with clear pressure point -
Waterproof -

The CNC fittings from RACETRONICS are perfect for flush mounting on the handle, despite the small design.

the spherical shape of the stainless steel ball probes means they can be safely "felt", even when wearing gloves, and with their clear, easy-to-read design, they are easy to read.

pressure point provides perfect feedback.
The buttons are stainless thanks to VA2.

The push-button fittings can be lined up in any number so that almost any desired configuration is possible.

Only one 4 mm hole per unit is necessary in the handlebar, so the

Cable invisible in the handlebar and through the small bore gibt´s no problems with the TÜV.

Three wires lead out,

1x common reference point and 2x NO contacts,
Optionally switching to ground or plus.
The switch unit is insulated against ground.

The one-piece fittings are fixed by clamping using the Allen grub screw at the bottom.


Push button fittings require corresponding push button controls for this function, e.g. the

Microprocessor push-button control "KI-V6" from RACETRONICS or other push-button controls available on the market.