Microprocessor heating handle control HGR01

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3 year warranty - Up to max. 70W at 15.0V or 55W at 12.0V - Completely waterproof and... more
Product information "Microprocessor heating handle control HGR01"

3 year warranty -
Up to max. 70W at 15.0V or 55W at 12.0V -
Completely waterproof and vibration-proof electronics -
10 levels, last setting is saved - -
Also suitable for cartridge heaters, seat heaters or heated gloves -
Plug & Heat for the most common heating systems on the market e.g. Daytona, Carbotex etc. -
Reverse polarity and short-circuit proof -

Power supply: 8,00 - 18,00V
Power consumption: min. 10mA, max. 60mA
Dimensions in mm (W x H x D) 30mm x 25mm x 17mm
Operating temperature range: -30° - +75°C
Max. Output per heating element: 55 W at 12.0 V / 66 W at 14.2 V / 70 W at 15.0 V

By using the microprocessor controlled control HGR01 from RACETRONICS, the user has the possibility to adjust the desired heat output in 10 steps (10-100%) individually to the ambient conditions and his personal heat demand, the precise microprocessor control also ensures that only the exactly required energy is taken from the on-board power supply which is required for the set heat output.

By using intelligent microprocessor controlled technology, a very efficient heating element control is achieved without overloading the on-board power supply, which is particularly gentle on the battery.

The BCD display shows the setting of the heating level clearly, the last selected setting is permanently stored and preselected again after switching on and after the heating up phase has been completed.

After switching on, the HGR01 heats up the heating handles with 100% power for 90 seconds and then switches automatically to the last heating power used.

Despite the very small design of the HGR01, the stainless steel ball switches with their tactile pressure point are also very easy to operate with lined gloves.

The black housing is made of impact-resistant polylactide and has 2x M3 threads for individual mounting on the back of the module.

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