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GAZ_V4.1 - Motorcycle Gear Indicator Alu black anodized

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5 year warranty Programmable for 5 or 6 gears (for 4 gears on request) WITH "0" idle indicator... more
Product information "GAZ_V4.1 - Motorcycle Gear Indicator Alu black anodized"

5 year warranty
Programmable for 5 or 6 gears (for 4 gears on request)
WITH "0" idle indicator
1st gear memory
Indicates the gear engaged even when the clutch is engaged
No hectic jumping around of the display at a large inclination
Electronic sensor, NO wear-prone reed contacts!
Display in blue, white or red, housing in black anodised aluminium

Power supply: 8,00 - 18,00V
Power consumption: dimmed min. 30 mA, max. brightness 160mA
Dimensions in mm (W x H x D) d: 40mm t: 35mm

Built-in round instrument

The gear indicator from RACETRONICS as an all-round instrument installation version; the microprocessor-controlled gear indicator reliably indicates the gear engaged by sensing the position of the gear lever, the robust aluminium housing, clamped by a robust CFK holder, and the completely waterproof and vibration-resistant construction according to protection class IP6K9K make the gear indicator almost indestructible.

The display adjusts to the brightness of the ambient light and thus avoids glare when driving at night. The gear indicator has an external diameter of only 40mm (installation opening: 33mm) and is 30mm deep (without screws), ideal for cockpit or fairing installation. It is fastened from the rear using three clamping screws, the supplied CFRP holder guarantees a durable and vibration-resistant spring clamping.

The gear engaged is immediately displayed without delay and the gear engaged is also displayed when the clutch is disengaged; when the ignition is switched off with the first gear engaged, the first gear is displayed again when the ignition is engaged. With idle indicator / Neutral "0" when idle is engaged.

No other gear indicator on the market offers these functions in one module!

The sensor:

The electronic sensor measuring 22.5 x 34 x 5mm for switching position sensing has 2 slotted holes to accommodate M4 screws, it also has 2 LEDs which signal the switching position and considerably simplify adjustment. Of course, the sensor is also watertight and vibration-proof according to IP6K9K, even steam jets cannot harm it.

The sensor is not sensitive reed contacts as with other models on the market but a wear-free electronic sensor system which guarantees an exact detection of the switching position even in the long term.

Connection and installation:

The sensor is mounted by means of a retaining plate to be manufactured in such a way that it is safely activated by means of a magnet attached to the shift lever or shift linkage. Furthermore, the gear indicator is connected to the plus, ground and to the line (ground switched) No-load switch -> Neutral lamp, i.e. only 3 cables have to be connected.

The sensor can be positioned either left or right with the retaining holes (or up or down for horizontal sensing of the shift movement), the position of the first gear on the sensor (up or down or right or left) can be programmed at any time.

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