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GAZ-cockpit installation in rev counter etc.

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Delivery time 30 - 40 Workdays

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Installation of the digital gear indicator GAZ from RACETRONICS directly in the rev counter or... more
Product information "GAZ-cockpit installation in rev counter etc."

Installation of the digital gear indicator GAZ from RACETRONICS directly in the rev counter or in another position for many models,

of course, other installation positions in the cockpit are also possible on request, as far as the available space permits.

Delivery time: Will be made to order! Processing time on request!

Installation of the RACETRONICS GAZ digital gear indicator directly in the rev counter for many models
(speedo only possible if no trip meter is available), of course there are also others
Installation positions in the cockpit possible on request.

A CNC high-speed milling machine is used to cut the slots for the
7 light segments milled, the possible positions are determined by the given space conditions
within the cockpit, therefore more than 1-2 different installation positions are rarely possible.

After the conversion has been completed, all you have to do is install the gear sensor and apply the supply voltage.
(Plus & Minus) and the neutral line must be connected to the no-load switch.

The display colour can be selected between red, blue or white when ordering.

3 years warranty on function and manufacturing defects for all modifications!


The tachometer/tachometer unit must be bolted, not flanged (e.g. analog instruments of older models).
In the case of flanged, i.e. unscrewed instruments, the customer must take over the dismantling work himself.
and send in the complete unit including housing and screws for conversion. RACETRONICS does not take any
Disassembly / assembly of flanged, unscrewed instruments!

For all conversions, the entire unit can be cleaned as required (if delivered bolted or dismantled),
the duration of the respective conversion is approx. 7-10 working days, depending on demand, the waiting period can be extended if necessary.
However, in individual cases, the order situation can also be up to 4 weeks.

Important notice!

In any case, any manufacturer's warranty for the cockpit that may still exist will be lost through installation!
These are special designs in the customer's order, the installation is not reversible and therefore cannot be carried out by the customer.
can be undone! The order results in a contract for work and services which is not covered by the
fortnightly right of withdrawal falls!

Ordering process:

Before ordering, first ask at service@racetronics.de whether the conversion of your model is possible!
On this occasion you will also find out the current waiting and conversion times.
Order the desired modification in the online shop and send the cockpit to RACETRONICS, the
Conversion takes place after receipt of payment according to the estimated waiting or conversion time.
After the possible installation position has been determined, it will be agreed with you by e-mail before the work starts.
After completion, the cockpit is sent back to the desired address.

Notice of non-existence of the right of withdrawal !
The right of revocation does not apply to distance contracts
for the delivery of goods which are not prefabricated and for their production an individual selection
or determination by the consumer is decisive or which clearly refers to the personal
the needs of the consumer!